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WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Why does my vape taste burnt?

Why does my vape taste burnt?

Experiencing a burnt taste while vaping can ruin your enjoyment and leave you wondering what went wrong. Whether you're using a disposable vape like a Geek Bar Pulse, or indulging in your favorite e-liquid juice, understanding the cause is the first step to fixing the issue. This article explores common reasons behind that unpleasant burnt taste and provides practical solutions for both disposable vapes and e-liquid users.

Why does my vape taste burnt no matter what?

Common Causes of Burnt Taste in Vapes

1. Insufficient Liquid Flow: A key cause of a burnt hit is inadequate e-liquid reaching the heating coil. This could be due to low liquid levels or inefficient wicking. To mitigate this, ensure your vape is adequately filled and occasionally shake the device to improve liquid flow to the coil.

2. Overheating Coil: Excessive heating of the coil can lead to a burnt taste, often resulting from back-to-back usage or a freshly charged device. Allowing the device to rest between uses and after charging can help prevent this issue.

3. Quality Control Issues: Sometimes, a burnt taste right out of the box indicates a manufacturing flaw. If you encounter this, contacting the manufacturer or contact for questions or concerns.

What is a Vape?

Understanding Your Vape Device

A vape device typically consists of a battery, coil, wicking material, e-liquid, and a drip tip. Activation of the device heats the coil, vaporizing the e-liquid soaked into the cotton wicking material. However, insufficient e-liquid can lead to combustion of the cotton, resulting in a burnt taste.

Dry and Burnt Hits Explained

Dry Hits: Occur when the wicking material lacks enough e-liquid, leading to a reduction in vapor and flavor, sometimes accompanied by a slight burnt taste.

Burnt Hits: More severe, burnt hits happen when the wicking material has completely combusted, delivering a harsh and unpleasant taste.

Solutions for Burnt Taste

  1. Wait and Retry: Often, simply waiting a few seconds before taking another puff allows the wick to re-saturate with e-liquid, improving the flavor.

  2. Adjust Wattage: Increasing the device's wattage can help vaporize the e-liquid more efficiently, potentially fixing the burnt taste.

  3. Proper Storage: Keeping your vape between 0 to 25°C can prevent e-liquid thickening and ensure better flow to the atomizer.

Fixing a Burnt Disposable Vape

  • Refill or Replace: Low e-liquid levels might require refilling or replacing your disposable vape.
  • Pace Your Vaping also known as Chain Vaping: Avoid rapid consecutive puffs to prevent overheating the coil.
  • Seek Manufacturer Support: For defects, contact the manufacturer or for assistance or replacement, or contact us at

Disposable vapes are usually meant for taking short, gentle puffs where you let the vapor sit in your mouth a bit before breathing it in. If you take long, deep breaths directly into your lungs, the wick dries out fast because it doesn't have time to soak up more juice between your puffs.

E-Liquid Juice Considerations

  • Allow E-Juice to Sit: Ensuring your e-liquid soaks the wicking material adequately before use can prevent burnt tastes, especially with new coils.
  • Change Your Coil: A worn-out coil often results in a burnt taste and should be replaced.
  • Top Up Your Tank: Regularly check and refill your tank to avoid dry hits.
  • Choose the Right Juice: Using the appropriate e-liquid for your device can prevent issues related to incorrect viscosity or nicotine strength.
  • Adjust Power Settings: High power settings can burn the e-liquid. Adjusting your device to a suitable wattage can prevent this.

Preventing Burnt Hits

  • Avoid Chain Vaping: Give your device time to cool down between puffs.
  • Prime Your Coil: Applying e-liquid directly to the coil before installation can help prevent dry hits.
  • Regular Refills: Keeping your tank filled ensures the wicking material stays saturated.

Understanding and Avoiding Chain Vaping

Chain vaping is similar to chain smoking; it involves taking multiple, consecutive puffs from your vape without significant pauses in between. This habit can lead to various issues, including that unpleasant burnt taste. Let's delve deeper into why it happens and how you can avoid it for a better vaping experience.

Why Does Chain Vaping Cause Problems?

  1. Overheating: Continuous vaping doesn't allow the coil in your device time to cool down. An overheated coil can burn the wicking material, typically made of cotton, leading to a burnt taste.

  2. Dry Wick: The wick needs time to re-saturate with e-liquid after each puff. If you vape again too quickly, the wick might be dry, and you'll end up burning it instead of vaporizing the e-liquid.

  3. E-Liquid Depletion: Chain vaping can deplete the e-liquid in the wick faster than it can be replenished from the tank or cartridge, leading again to dry hits.

How to Avoid Chain Vaping

1. Mindful Vaping: Try to be conscious of how often you're taking puffs. If you find yourself automatically reaching for your vape, it might be time to slow down.

2. Pause Between Puffs: Implement a mandatory pause between puffs. This could be anywhere from 15 to 30 seconds or longer, depending on your device and vaping style. Use this time to relax, do something else, or simply enjoy the flavor of your last puff.

3. Monitor Device Temperature: If your device feels hot to the touch, it's a clear sign you need to give it a break. Overheating not only affects the flavor but can also shorten the lifespan of your vape.

4. Hydrate: Vaping can be dehydrating, and sometimes, the act of reaching for your vape is more about oral fixation than nicotine need. Try sipping water instead; it can help satisfy the urge to vape and keep you hydrated.

5. Use a Timer: If you're having trouble monitoring your vaping frequency, consider using a timer. Set it to go off every minute or two, allowing you a puff only when it rings. This can help train you to vape less frequently.

6. Distract Yourself: Find other activities to keep your hands and mind busy, reducing the temptation to vape continuously. Reading, puzzles, or even a stress ball can divert your attention away from your device.

Benefits of Avoiding Chain Vaping

  • Improved Coil Lifespan: By avoiding chain vaping, you'll reduce the strain on your device's coil, extending its life and saving money on replacements.
  • Better Flavor: Giving your wick time to re-saturate ensures that each puff is full of flavor, rather than tasting burnt or dry.
  • Enhanced Battery Life: Less frequent vaping means your device's battery won't deplete as quickly, reducing the need for frequent charging.


Knowing why your vape sometimes tastes burnt and how to fix it can make your vaping much better. Whether you use a one-time-use vape or one where you can refill the juice, it's important to take good care of your vape and use it the right way. This helps you enjoy a nice, smooth flavor every time you vape, without that yucky burnt taste.

Quick FAQ: Fixing Burnt Taste in Vapes

Why does my vape taste burnt? Burnt tastes often come from not enough e-liquid reaching the coil, the coil overheating, or a product flaw. Keep your vape filled and take breaks between uses to avoid this.

What’s in a vape device? A vape includes a battery, coil, wicking material for the liquid, and a mouthpiece. Insufficient liquid causes the wicking material to burn, leading to a burnt taste.

Dry vs. Burnt Hits: What's the difference? Dry hits lack flavor and vapor due to insufficient e-liquid. Burnt hits taste harsh because the wicking material has burned.

How do I fix a burnt vape taste? Wait before taking another puff, adjust the wattage, and ensure proper storage temperature to improve liquid flow.

What if my disposable vape tastes burnt? Try a new one if it's burnt from the start. For non-disposables, contact the manufacturer or reduce your vaping pace.

How can I prevent chain vaping? Pause between puffs, be mindful of device temperature, and keep yourself hydrated or distracted to vape less frequently.

Benefits of not chain vaping? Less frequent vaping extends coil life, improves flavor, conserves battery, and saves money on replacements.

How long does vape smoke stay in the air?

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Author, Josh Kim, Team Member of Eliquidstop

Hello, I'm Joshua. It's been five years since I switched from smoking to vaping. I have learned a lot along the way and I'm excited to share some helpful tips, news, trends and more with you. Here's to more great adventures in the world of vaping!


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