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WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
What To Expect With FDA's New Labeling Requirements. - Eliquidstop

What To Expect With FDA's New Labeling Requirements.

FDA Crackdown on E-liquid labels

The FDA is at it again.

After their half-baked attempt on reprimanding Juul and the rest of the industry for marketing products that seem to have an impact to minors due to the flavor description of their products, here they are with another argument to present.

Based on the information we have gathered, the FDA is taking a step in implementing warning labels on e-liquid packaging because they claim that it can mislead children into thinking the e-liquids is something they are accustomed to consuming due to the resemblance of the color and image in the packaging.


“Looking at these side-to-side comparisons is alarming,” said FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb. “It is easy to see how a child could confuse these e-liquid products for something they believe they’ve consumed before – like a juice box.”


The FDA logic

Apparently, the FDA thinks that because e-liquids are labeled as candy and the package as something that resembles an existing candy brand, the children will just consume it. The only way I know that children could get hold of an e-liquid is from someone who is already a vaper which again boils down to being not just a responsible vaper, but a responsible individual. If it comes down to children being enticed just because of the packaging of a certain e-liquid to actually get one themselves is quite far-fetched. Any reputable vape store will not recommend vaping to a minor nor will they be allowed inside one. 

I think that these so called "actions to protect the children" that the FDA made is a subliminal message for all vapers to be labeled as irresponsible. I mean really, ask yourself is there a way for children to get hold of an e-liquid bottle? Are e-liquid bottles labeled as candy flavored being sold next to actual candies in supermarket isles? Why do they think only kids like candy Flavored Vapes, Adults do too.

Another point the FDA is trying to raise is that the e-liquid labels are "misleading" or "kid-friendly". The simple question to ask here is who is the target audience for these labels?

What to expect?

The FDA issued warning letters to certain e-liquid brands that require them to address the concern regarding the popularity of their products to minors.

Where you can find an example of one here sent to Drip-more LLC. manufacture of Candy King DRIPMORE LLC. FDA WARNING LETTER

With this, e-liquid companies are expected to comply by adding a warning label to their products that must cover 30% of the label. Companies were asked to change their entire packaging to something that is not appealing to children and very gener.

It won't be long now before the FDA attempts to ban flavors on e-liquid altogether. When this happens, we might see a complete overhaul of the vaping industry which will surely create a big impact. 

Below you can see an example of how all your Ejuice will look with the new labelling requirements and say goodbye to the fun packaging, one of the things I came to love about ejuice.


Final Thoughts

As part of the vaping industry, we believe that we should continue to practice responsible vaping and provide no reason for the FDA to remove our right to do so. It should begin with ourselves. We should be the epitome of change that everyone wanted to see but so few have the will to act on. After all, if vaping is not making an impact and it is not causing an upset to cigarette revenues then the government wouldn't be all up in our business.



Beginning August 10, 2018, you cannot manufacture, package, sell, offer to sell, distribute, or import for sale or distribution within the United States roll-your-own, cigarette tobacco, or “covered tobacco products” without the FDA E-Liquid Label Requirements statement on the e-liquids  and tobacco product package, per 21 CFR § 1143.3(a)(1). (Cigar required warnings are described under 21 CFR § 1143.5.)

For the following products, including components and parts, that are sealed in final packaging intended for consumer use and are made or derived from tobacco, package labels and advertisements must bear the nicotine addictiveness warning statement:


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