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WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
zyn lawsuit

What is the lawsuit against ZYN?

A significant legal battle is unfolding as Philip Morris, the parent company behind Swedish Match North America and the maker of ZYN nicotine pouches, faces allegations of targeting their marketing towards children and young adults. Filed by the Schmidt National Law Group in California's Southern District, this lawsuit raises serious concerns about the tactics used to promote these nicotine products.

What is Zyn nicotine pouches?

Key Allegations

At the heart of the lawsuit, is a claim that ZYN nicotine pouches are being marketed specifically to attract young people, including those in middle and high school. According to Martin Schmidt, managing attorney at The Schmidt National Law Group, "ZYN appears as just another chewing gum, yet it's designed to deliver nicotine, increasingly drawing in younger users."

While it is legally required for purchasers to be at least 21 years old, the accessibility of these products to underage individuals is alarmingly easy, leading to calls within the lawsuit for stricter regulatory measures on how these products are accessed and marketed.

About the People and Companies Involved in the Lawsuit

  • Bailey Wolters: He lives in California and started using ZYN when he was a teenager in 2019. Now, he's addicted to nicotine because of ZYN and has even had some dental problems from using it. Bailey says he was drawn to ZYN because of its advertising and didn’t know it could be harmful. He blames the companies that make and sell ZYN for his problems.

  • Swedish Match North America LLC: This company is based in Richmond, Virginia. It helps make and sell ZYN.

  • Philip Morris International Inc.: This company is located in Stamford, Connecticut, and also has operations in Virginia. It is involved in creating, making, and selling ZYN all over the United States.

Legal Details of the Case

  • Why This Case is a Class Action: The lawsuit is considered a class action because it involves more than 100 people who are suing, and they are asking for more than $5 million in total, not including interest and costs.

  • Why This Court Can Decide on the Case: The court can handle this case because the companies being sued do a lot of business in this area. This means they have strong business connections to the place where the lawsuit was filed, and the court has the authority to make decisions about the case.

Health Concerns and Misleading Marketing

The lawsuit critically points out that ZYN is marketed as a "tobacco-free" product. This could misleadingly imply that the product is less harmful or addictive. Despite not containing tobacco leaves, the nicotine in ZYN is derived from tobacco, posing serious addiction risks and health concerns.

Specific risks highlighted include the potential for:

  • Increased Stress: The lawsuit points to nicotine's potential to elevate stress levels in users.
  • Cardiovascular Issues: It highlights the risk of nicotine contributing to cardiovascular problems.
  • Mental Health Effects: Noted are the adverse impacts on mental health, including risks of depression and anxiety.
  • Effects on Adolescent Brain Development: The suit emphasizes the harmful effects of nicotine on the developing brains of adolescents, which can disrupt critical neurological processes related to attention, learning, and addiction susceptibility.

Marketing Strategies Under Scrutiny

The filing addresses how Philip Morris and Swedish Match utilize modern marketing strategies that attract to young people, such as engaging social media influencers and appealing messaging themes like "Freedom" and "Find Your Zyn." These tactics are seen as a continuation of the companies' approach to marketing addictive products to younger demographics.

Legal Scope and Potential Consequences

The lawsuit seeks to represent anyone in the U.S. who has purchased ZYN products, indicating a wide-reaching impact that could lead to significant financial and reputational damage for the involved companies. The legal proceedings are expected to be lengthy, reflecting the complex nature of such class action lawsuits.

  • Impact on the companies: This could have major effects, possibly causing a lot of financial and reputational harm to the companies that make and sell ZYN.
  • Duration of the legal process: The court case is likely to take a long time because it involves complicated issues and covers a large group of people.


This lawsuit highlights ongoing concerns regarding the marketing of nicotine products to young individuals and the need for more regulations and transparency in marketing. The outcome of this case could have broad implications for how nicotine products are sold and promoted across the U.S.

However, it's worth noting that some individuals, like SDSU student Riley Godwin, find ZYN helpful in transitioning away from habits like vaping. Riley shares, "I started using Zyn recently to get off of vaping. I don’t necessarily love that I use them, but I am using that as an excuse to not be vaping anymore," underscoring that products like ZYN can serve as a less harmful alternative for those trying to quit smoking or vaping.

Are zyns better than vaping?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What is the main reason for the lawsuit against ZYN? A1: The lawsuit claims that ZYN is being marketed specifically to attract young people, including underage teenagers, which is considered both unethical and illegal. It also argues that the product is dangerously misleading as it promotes itself as "tobacco-free," yet contains nicotine derived from tobacco.

Q2: What are the health risks associated with ZYN according to the lawsuit? A2: The lawsuit highlights several health risks, including nicotine addiction, increased stress, cardiovascular issues, and negative impacts on mental health. It emphasizes that nicotine use during adolescence can disrupt brain development, leading to long-term negative effects.

Q3: How does the lawsuit suggest ZYN is marketed to young people? A3: The lawsuit accuses ZYN and its parent companies of using marketing tactics that resonate with adolescents, such as using popular social media influencers, appealing themes, and promotional strategies similar to those used historically in tobacco advertising to attract young users.

Q4: What does the lawsuit seek to achieve? A4: The lawsuit seeks damages from Philip Morris and Swedish Match, stricter limits on the accessibility of the product to young people, and better consumer information about the risks associated with the product.

Q5: How long might the lawsuit take, and what could be the outcome? A5: The legal process is expected to be lengthy, potentially taking years. The outcome could include substantial financial penalties for the defendants, as well as enforced changes in how they market and sell nicotine pouches like ZYN.

Is Zyn bad for my gums?

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