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WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
What are Portable Devices & Salt Nicotines? - Eliquidstop

What are Portable Devices & Salt Nicotines?


You might not be aware of it, but pod based systems are taking the vaping industry by storm. It's not trying to take over the reign of re-buildable atomizers or big 5ml tanks with mods that produce a lot of vapor and flavor, it's sort of a champion on its own league. You used to see these portable devices only in local convenience stores but now they can be found in most vape stores both locally and online.

If the concept of these pod-based portable systems seem like rocket science to you well no need to fret because it's not that difficult to grasp.

A Salt based portable pod-system is generally an all-in-one device that uses a cartridge or pod which houses the e-liquid. You can buy a pack of pre-filled disposable pods or by pods that you can fill your own salt Nicotine with. It is perfect for individuals who want to start their journey on quitting cigarettes, because it has everything you need to begin vaping without lugging around a huge mod that isn’t ideal for people moving about their daily life.

We know that some of you have pledged your undying loyalty with variable mod setups and swore by its vapor production and flavor, but here are a few things that might make you consider in making the switch.

1. Salt Nicotines & Nicotine strength

Regular E-liquids used in Tank/Mod setups usually come in different nicotine strengths ranging from 3mg to 12 mg. If you vape anything higher than 12mg with that setup the throat hit is going to be very harsh plus you will probably notice that the world suddenly is spinning around you after just a couple of hits. That is why usually people will vape a 3mg or 6mg since the vapor production is so much you don’t need as much nicotine ML content per hit.

Using a Portable pod-based system that uses Salt Nicotine usually starting at 25-30mg Nicotine all the way to 55mg. These produce less vapor with little compromise on flavor, in order to makeup the same nicotine delivery per hit they make the MG higher for these portable devices so you get the same nicotine delivery as vaping 3mg or 6mg on a regular Vape mod.

As salt nicotine and these portable devices are being more “mass market friendly” a lot if not most e-juice manufactures are taking notice and making your favorite e-juice in a Salt nicotine version.

2. More Puffs Less Liquid

From my personal experience, a 60ml bottle of e-liquid lasts about a mere 3-7days on my variable box mod setup. I admit that it could be quite costly to get a fresh bottle of e-liquid every week, but that's how I roll. However, on an all-in-one portable device a 30ml bottle of Salt nicotine e-liquid could last you about 2-3 weeks because it doesn't consume as much e-liquid due to its low power output and higher nicotine content. Or you can buy a pack of 4 disposable pods, Juul for example with each pod being equivalent in puffs to 1 pack of cigarettes, and when you’re done just throw the pod away and pop in a new one.


All-in-one devices are built generally on a smaller scale, which is one of the best selling points of this new and upcoming technology. They are typically a few inches bigger than your average USB thumb drive. What this means is that it can provide you with a discreet way of vaping especially for those who are out and about a lot.

Because of how compact the device is, you can easily chuck them in your pockets without the discomfort and the weight as any normal box mod would have. In addition, having an all-in-one device eliminates misfires since most of them do not have a fire button but are draw activated.

4.Simple to Use

When everything you need is already there what is left for you to do? You guessed it. An all-in-one device has a built in battery that varies from 800 mAh to 1000 mAh. It usually comes with 2 refillable pods or if you buy a pre-filled pod system like JUUL, you have the option to a buy your device as a starter pack that includes a variation of the pod flavors they offer.


Like any other devices, pod-based systems is not the answer to all your vaping needs and it has its own short comings.

Here we have listed some of it to help you weigh in on your decision if you are planning to get one.

5. Vapor Production

As mentioned earlier, an all-in-one device generally has built-in coils within the pod that has a higher resistance rating which results in a less dense vapor. If you have been using a box mod with a sub-ohm tank setup you will definitely feel the difference since you will not be able to produce plumes of vapor using this device and will lose a little bit of flavor along with those crazy O's you're used to blowing.

6. E-liquid Dilemma With Pre-Filled Pods

Depending on which route you go, if you choose pre-filled pods for the convenience factor, JUUL for example, you are stuck with whatever flavor of e-liquid they offer and if you wanted to try out something new, you are confined within their options. It is a nice plug and play option though when not wanting to have to worry about refilling pods. 

7. Battery Life

This may not seem to be that of a disadvantage to some but if you are into chain vaping this could be a hassle. Because the battery is built-in to the system, if it is on the verge of being drained you can't just swap the batteries for a couple of fresh ones like what most of us do in a box mod setup. Instead you have to plug the whole device to the charger and wait for it until it is fully charged.

(For most the charge will usually last all day because of the low power output)

 Final Thoughts

I LOVE my huge quad battery sub-ohm setup with the beautiful Smok TFV12 Prince tank on top, that provides enough vapor to cloud a room with all my vape tricks while providing amazing flavor. BUT when I am out and about running errands or having a couple of drinks with friends at the local bar, carrying my huge setup with me is just not practical, and with all my favorite juice companies coming out with Salt Nicotine versions In my favorite juice for my Suorin portable system. It is a no brainer for me to have both.



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