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WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Vape Portable Pod Devices or Disposable Vapes, what’s your vape of choice? - Eliquidstop

Vape Portable Pod Devices or Disposable Vapes, what’s your vape of choice?

Similarities between Portable Pod Device and Disposable Vapes
Differences between Portable Pod Device and Disposable Vapes
Portable Pod Devices
Disposable Vapes

Despite the seemingly aggressive backlash of flavored vapes on the market, there’s no deny the popularity of disposable vapes and pod vape kits. We’re going to go on a dive into which vape best suits your needs and style.


Both vape portable pod devices and Disposable Vapes share a similar appeal for beginner vapes and smokers who want to transition. They’re perfect as introductions to getting into vapes with their relative ease of use.

They also have a core goal for smokers to switch to vape use. Both contain high concentrations of nicotine, with some just starting to offer lower concentrations. 


The differences between a disposable and a vape portable device pod are unique to each vaper's own experiences and how they want to use it. Depending on your needs one will fit your bill more than the other, so let’s dive into which one is better for you.

Let’s start by discussing what that the core difference between the two is how they work.

A disposable is a fully charged and pre-filled e-liquid device that is for single use for short term. 

A vape pod system is a rechargeable and refillable e-liquid device that you maintain for long term. 

Which is best for you?

Vape Portable Pod Devices

A vape portable pod device system’s appeal is for those who are willing to have more variety for vaping and like to stick with a certain brand and flavor for long term use. With its refillable ability, the market for vape juice is plenty. Users won’t have trouble finding something that fits their taste and nicotine strength. Vape pod users can also control their nicotine intake significantly better than those who use disposables.

Why? Majority of disposables have high nicotine strengths off the bat, but when you try to lower the concentration, you must find them. A lot of brands keep the concentration at 5 percent and finding anything lower than that is hard to come by.

By choosing a vape portable pod device you have the capability of choosing vape juice like those of a bigger tank vape or the sub-ohm kits.

This goes into some of the cons of vape portable devices in comparison to disposables, users do have to maintain the device. 

Some pod systems do have a fixed coil, so if it burns you need to change it out. Then there’s just general upkeep and making sure your device is clean and working correctly.

Portable pod devices are also more cost-effective. Rather than continuously buying a disposable, you just buy the vape juice. In general, buying a vape juice is cheaper in the long run, especially depending on your vaping intaking.


  • refillable 
  • more nicotine concentration options
  • more vape juice options
  • cost effective long term
  • all devices are rechargeable


  • general maintenance
  • more expensive up front


Vape disposables have been soaring in popularity and taking the vaping community by storm. The choices are very different compared to its early days, with so many types of disposables and flavors that it can give individual vape juice a run for its money.

They’re also extremely compact so you can take them anywhere without having to carry a bulky device.

Some brands have more than 10 flavors so you have the ability to pick and choose what works for you. There's plenty of big vape juice brands who are branching out to make their own disposables, so the options are starting to become as equally accessible as normal vape devices.

It's also the easiest vape to use. Take it out of the box and it's ready to use, and then once done just buy another or recharge depending on the disposable device. It's more appealing for those who are just transitioning from cigarettes and want to try to get into vaping. Since each disposable is a single-use, users don’t have to commit to a whole bottle of juice or maintaining a device which makes disposables an ideal option that is hassle free. 

Disposables are also cheaper than buying a whole system without the long term commitment, so if you’re in the market for a short term vape for a weekend. Depending on how often you vape, you can also save a lot more with a disposable. 

Disposables also come with high levels of nicotine, but we’re seeing brands coming out with lesser strengths. For those who don’t want to tolerate high levels, you also have the ability of selecting an option to the concentration you like.


  • hassle-free 
  • easiest vape for beginners 
  • compact
  • cheaper up-front


  • limited vape juice options
  • more expensive in the long run
  • disposable
  • not all disposables are rechargeable 


Vape pods are great for those who don't mind the maintenance and the limitless options. Disposables are a great entry level vape for anyone transitioning over. In the end the type of vape user you are, depends on which one you’ll choose.  Whether it's a vape portable pod device or a disposable vape both are great options for beginners and veterans alike. 

How are your thoughts on disposables and vape pods? Which is your preference?

Let us know in the comments below!

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