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WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

New FDA Tobacco Chief Acknowledges that there are Misperceptions about Vapes to the Public

In an incredibly surprising interview with AP, the new Director for the FDA’s center for Tobacco Products remarks how aware they are about the public’s misperceptions of e-cigarettes and how they are markedly less risk than cigarettes.


Now responsible for regulating the cigarette and vaping industry, Brian King, the FDA’s new tobacco chief gives AP an insider Q&A for what’s in store for him.

Given the millions of applications/PMTA’s for e-cigarettes waiting to be federally approved and a long-awaited plan to ban menthol cigarettes, King was asked about his plans over the industry and if there is a potential that e-cigarettes can be a better cessation for adult smokers.

King discusses how they’re unsure how long the proposals for banning menthol cigarettes and flavored cigars will take, but he believes they are on the way for making a foundation on reductions.

But as a vaping community we know that e-cigarettes are in danger because of the many misconceptions that adults have come to know. With the blatant allegations that vapes are just as dangerous as traditional cigarettes.

Despite these misperceptions King is “fully aware of the misperceptions that are out there and aren’t consistent with the known science. We do know that e-cigarettes — as a general class — have markedly less risk than a combustible cigarette product.”

A complete opposite view than what the FDA is actually doing. Not disputing or trying to correct these misperceptions that the public has.

When asked about his view on the potential that vaping can help reduce adult smoking, he believes that there are “a lot of really important science and innovations that have occurred in the industry in recent years. The most notable "I think is nicotine salts (in e-cigarettes).”

He continues on to say that nicotine salts have the potential to help smokers transition completely due to their nature of giving just enough nicotine.

The FDA seems to acknowledge that vapes are the better alternative for adults wishing to have some form of cessation. However, instead of allowing vapes to the stay on the market or look inv to how other countries are handling the situation, they’re allowing the possibility of adult vapers to go back to smoking.

With the FDA’s continued MDO’s they are on the track of completely eliminating vapes on the market. Therefore, despite the FDA’s new tobacco chief’s remarks that e-cigarettes have a much lesser risk than cigarettes, they are continuing to unfairly ban e-liquids and vape products.

What are your thoughts in how the FDA is handling this situation? Tell us in the comments how you feel.

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