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WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Mechanical Mod or Regulated Mod: Which device you should get? - Eliquidstop

Mechanical Mod or Regulated Mod: Which device you should get?

Mechanical Mod or Regulated Mod: Which device you should get?

 Regulated Mod

A rundown on the advantages and disadvantages of both devices.


Either you are new to vaping or you might've been vaping for a while, there is a question that somehow intrudes upon our consciousness on which device we should actually use. Some could argue and say that Regulated mods are the way to go since it is easier to use while others will stay by their Mechanical mods for its power output.


But what do we know about these two devices? What difference could they have since both of them generally do the same thing which is produce vapor? To answer this, let us explore both devices.


So what is a Regulated Mod?

In a nutshell, it is a device that contains a chip which allows you to adjust the power that goes through the atomizer for a custom vaping experience hence the term 'regulated'. With a Regulated mod, the user can increase the wattage which then results to a denser, warmer vapor then decreasing it will of course result in a much cooler less dense vapor.


If you look back 2-3 years ago those are the basic features that you can expect from a Regulated Mod. But these days a Regulated Mod is packed with a plethora of functions thanks to the improvements made on the chip. They now have what is called TCR which stands for Temperature Coefficient of Resistance. To simply put it, this function provides the user to fine tune the mod based on the type of wire you are using. Another great feature is the curves function which allows you to set the power from the beginning of your hit up to the last second for a more custom hit.


Regulated mods are also equipped with safety features which makes vaping really carefree.

They come with a locking feature which renders the mod unable to fire which is good for those individuals that put their mods in their pockets. Although, I don't see any reason why you would put your mod in your pocket since they are bulky. I'm just saying. I'm not judging.

The user can also keep track of their battery life just by looking at the screen of their Regulated Mod  just like a mobile phone. Another thing to note with Regulated mods is that they can detect the resistance of the coil in your atomizer which can then protect it from shorting in case your build has a resistance not designed for it to take.

If you are up to date with the latest trends in the vaping world you might also notice that Regulated mods are now equipped with touch screen display that you can customize themes, colors, brightness of the actual display and many more. There is also a mod out there that is even capable of voice recognition.

 So to summarize, a Regulated Mod can provide customization on your vaping experience all within the promise of safety.

 But don't get compulsive yet to get your hands on a Regulated Mod if you don't know what a Mechanical mod is all about.

 Generally a Mechanical Mod is a device that holds your battery and atomizer which has a fire button.

Sounds simple doesn't it? Well no.

Mechanical or 'Mech' mods are for those experienced vapers who are after a much harder throw and denser, warmer vapor. This is mainly because of the unregulated power it can produce which is of course depending on the build of your coil.


Think of it this way, a Mech mod has no chip that controls the power your battery supplies to the coil.

It has no curve features, no TCR. Just pure power. On a fully charged 18650 battery you can get roughly 4.2 volts. The output might be different depending on what type of configuration you have on your Mech mod. If you notice on your Regulated device, you can get an 80W output from a 0.12 ohm build which is about 2.3 to 2.4 volts. If you are using a Mech mod on a 0.12 ohm build that could be a different case.


Most of the Mech mods doesn't have safety features which is why this device is not for those starting with vaping. The whole device, how it functions and how hard will it hit all depends on the vaper.

Now this might deter you from getting a Mech mod but once you are aware of the resistances of your coil, what atomizer you will use and most importantly battery safety you will reap the benefits of a Mech mod.

What you need to look out initially in a Mech mod is the configuration. Is it a parallel or a series circuit?

Assuming we are looking at a dual 18650 box mod. In a parallel circuit, the current is distributed between the two batteries thereby doubling their capacity but has a compromise on the voltage output. This means that you can build low resistance coils without putting too much stress on the battery.


If you are new to vaping and would like to try it out without the fuss we recommend you get a Regulated mod because:

- easy to use

- offers different settings to fine tune your experience

- has multiple safety features


We recommend a Mechanical mod if you are:

 - an experienced vaper looking for a hard hitting mod

- someone who has a lot of knowledge with resistances who enjoys experimenting with coils

- a vaper who wants massive vapor

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