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WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
7 Tips For Maintaining Your Vape Device - Eliquidstop

7 Tips For Maintaining Your Vape Device


The mods coming out these days, may it be regulated or mechanical, all have their own unique sizes and shapes that were crafted for ergonomics or simply for aesthetics. Some are packed with features while others maintained simplicity. But like any other electronic device, your mod needs maintenance in order for it to perform at its best as well as prolong its usability.

So what can you do to keep your devices at top performance? Here are some tips that may assist you in doing so. I did not divide it into the types of devices since you will find it applicable for both.

1. Battery safety

I cannot stress this enough. Always make sure that your batteries are not torn in any way and the insulator is intact. I know we already had an article about battery safety but I am reminding you of it here again. No matter how clean or well maintained your device is, it will not matter if your batteries are considered defective.

2. Charging your batteries

So you take good care of your batteries. Their casing it not torn. You store them properly when not in use. But you charge it using your mod. Again, this practice is not forbidden but it is not recommended. Invest on a decent external charger because it has features like power cut off when your batteries are already full. It can also provide the right amount of current to the battery which helps in its longevity.

3. Remove batteries from your mod when not in use

    If you are not planning to use your device, might as well remove the batteries from your mod. This can help maintain the springs from the battery contacts and avoid accidental firing from your mod especially for those who like to keep them in their pockets. One can argue and say that you can just switch your mod off so that it will not fire. It is correct however, it is different if you are using a mechanical mod. I think it is better to be safe that regret it for the rest of your life.

    4. 510 connection

      Most of these 510 pins especially in regulated mods are spring loaded. What this means is that it can get loose overtime. The most common indication of this is that your are getting a warning from your regulated mod that says 'No atomizer' or 'short'. To prevent that, we suggest that you do not over tighten your atomizer while screwing it into the mod. Just make sure that it is a flush fit and it's good to go. The 510 pin on a mechanical mod is usually adjustable but is not spring loaded but the same principle applies.

      5. Exposure to elements

        Always keep your mods away from direct sunlight especially with the batteries in it because it may overheat. Also, avoid getting in contact with wet surfaces as it may seep through your mod and damage the internals. If the mod you are using right now is not designed for this harsh conditions then keep it away from it. I know you might think that this is self-explanatory and quite impossible to happen because who does leave their mods exposed to the sun and subject them to wet surfaces? I get it. but at least you are aware.

        6. Cleaning your device

          What is maintenance if there is no cleaning involved. We are not talking about giving your device a bath but rather just give it a good wipe from a damp cloth or brush the buttons with an old toothbrush. With mechanical mods it's a different story. Since you can take it apart, you can treat the internals with metal polish then rinse it with water and dishwashing liquid solution. Again, this is for mechanical mods only and should not be attempted with regulated mods.

          Bonus Pro Tip 

          At the end of the day and you are just about to hit the sack, if you notice that your wicks are still partly saturated with e-liquid what you can do is grab a tissue and wrap it around your atomizer making sure that it is touching your wicks before storing it. This way the tissue will absorb the excess e-liquid therefore reducing the gunk that could form overnight.

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