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WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
WARNING: This Product Contains Nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
Everything You Need To Know About Steeping Your E-Juice - Eliquidstop

Everything You Need To Know About Steeping Your E-Juice

In the modern vape world, steeping e-juice is a common practice among vape users. Many vapers use different kinds of steeping methods to improve the taste of an e-liquid. Before jumping to when and how to steep for great results, let's discuss what exactly is e-juice steeping.


Steeping is an increasingly popular process among experienced people. However, some newbies do not understand its actual meaning. They believe it's a process of mixing a solid material in water to soften it. Expert vapers define steeping as a method of aging a vape juice.

In an ideal vape world, steeping is a technique of letting e-juices age to get the best out of them. There is a range of factors that affect the process of steeping- including the time. It requires some time to get better and desired results.f

Why many vapers choose to steep their e-juice is because a steeped vape juice sometimes tastes better than a new e-liquid. In fact, many e-juices in the market are steeped. It is because these products may have to remain on a store's shelves for a long time before someone buys them.


If you are looking for the easiest steeping process that does not require an extra effort, then you should place your vape juice bottle in a dark place. It can be your cigar box, a cupboard, or something like that. Apart from that, you should shake your e-liquid bottle well after some time to ensure that everything in it remains balanced. But this is not real steeping.

In reality, steeping a time-consuming process. Although there are some effective techniques that can speed up the steeping process, real steeping takes time. It can be broken down into different categories:

  • E-juice Breathing        

It looks similar to the easiest version of steeping where e-juice in a bottle is allowed to relax in a dark place. However, it is different from this form of steeping. Here, the cap from a bottle is removed and e-liquid is allowed to settle down for hours. It is an effective procedure in the case of vape juices that contain alcohol. Breathing speeds up the alcohol evaporation process. Experts recommend a 12-hour of breathing.

  • E-juice Streathing

Streathing is a combination of steeping and breathing. As the name suggests, it is the process to streath an e-juice. You can begin the process of streathing by shaking the e-juice bottle. After that,  run the bottle under warm tap water. Now, remove the cap and keep the bottle in a dark place for around 120 minutes. Put the cap back and shake the bottle well.


The whole concept of e-juice steeping is about improving the taste of an e-liquid. The steeping time depends on an e-juice and the taste you prefer. Vape juices with fruity flavors do not require hours to steep well. On the other hand, dessert and tobacco flavors take a long time to steep for the maximal flavor. In some cases, they might take as long as two weeks to steep well.

The ideal steeping time is when you find your e-juice tasting as you wanted it to taste. Some vape users get the desired taste in two weeks, while others wait for two months to steep their juices well. During the steeping process, you should observe the color of your e-liquid. When it turns slightly darker, then your e-juice is steeping.

In the case of commercial e-juices, you should check the manufacturing and expiring date. Usually, vape juices come with a shelf-life of two years. It can help you understand if you need to steep your e-juice or not.


If you have an e-juice and you have heard of steeping, then it doesn't mean you still have to steep your juice. In the case you are satisfied with the current flavor of your e-liquid, don't steep your vape juice. If you think your e-juice flavor can be improved, then go for steeping.

Although patience in the key to get the best results, there are some effective methods to speed the steep process. They include:

  • Bath

It is the process of putting an e-juice bottle in a hot water. You can start the process by filling warm water in a big bowl or sink. The next step is to put an e-juice bottle in a plastic bag. Now, place the bottle in the hot water for some time.

  • Seed Steeping   

In this step, an already-steeped juice is mixed with a fresh e-liquid.

  • Ultrasonic Cleaner  

An ultrasonic cleaner for jewelry and vape gears can help speed the steeping process. You just need to fill it with warm water and allow the powerful vibrations to penetrate through your e-juice and do the magic for you.

  • Unique, Creative Methods

There are several creative methods that people use to speed the steeping process. They include using an electric dryer or microwave.


Steeping is giving the final touch to an e-liquid to give it the desired flavor. It can be little hectic to steep your e-juice, but it is an interesting art. It gives you an opportunity to make your e-liquid tastier than ever. Happy steeping!    

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